(Antenna Toolbox) How to mesh a dielectric layer?

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Francesco Repola
Francesco Repola on 30 Jun 2019
Commented: Da Huang on 24 Sep 2019
I created a pcb antenna by antenna toolbox. My purpose is to optimize antenna geometries, but the current simulation lasts too much.
So I'd like reducing the substrate automatic mesh done by Matlab, I'm trying:
d = dielectric('FR4');
But it doesn't work. what is the correct function?
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Da Huang
Da Huang on 24 Sep 2019
mesh function does not operates on dielectric object.
If you have your antenna object ready, say the object name is ant. you can try the following code:
mesh(ant,'MaxEdgeLength',0.3); then use memoryEstimate(ant) to check how much memory it may require to solve this problem.
if your antenna object is pcbStack, then you can also specify MinEdgeLength property in mesh.

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Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 17 Jul 2019
I understand that you want to mesh the dielectric manually to improve the speed of execution.
Try changing the configuration settings of the mesh to manual by using the following command:
After you do this, run your meshing command:
Please refer the following link for more information on the “meshconfig” function




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