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3D Surface or Multiple Line Plots from 16 iterations of 3 column XYZ Data

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Attempting to create a 3D line plot XYZ being Dark Counts/s, Pixel No., and no. of SPADS activated. Bascially I have Dark count data for 512 pixels XY line plots, however I have repeated for different number of SPAD sensors activated per pixel ranging from 1 turned on to 16 SPADs on, I was trying to find a way to create a 3D multiple line plot, or a surface plot of some kind, appreciate any help!
The attached document I've created is in XYZ format and for Z column is 1-16 depending on the data, hopefully this makes some sense to someone!
15SPAD3D contains an excerpt of the 3DDCRXYZ file for handiness.


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Accepted Answer

Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 27 Jun 2019
Like this?
data = dlmread('3DDCRXYZ.txt');
g = findgroups(data(:,3));
hold on
for kk = 1:max(g)
idx = g == kk;
xlabel('Pixel No.')
ylabel('No. of SPADS')
zlabel('Dark count');
grid on

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Eunan McShane
Eunan McShane on 1 Jul 2019
Hey thanks for the answer, in fact Matlab was already doing what I wanted it to do but the scaling of some of the extreme data was making it act quite weird, I have no dealt with the extreme data and the plot looks much nicer
Thank you

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