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Simulink - Parrot Airborne Cargo minidrone

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Emmanouil Efthymiou
Emmanouil Efthymiou on 26 Jun 2019
Can I use a simulink flight controller for the Parrot Airborne Cargo minidrone?
(I know that we can for the Mambo and Rolling Spider)
Thank you
KAE on 13 Aug 2019
I suggest you contact Mathworks Support with this question. They were very helpful with my Parrot drone questions.

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abdellah islam kafi
abdellah islam kafi on 13 Aug 2019
i am looking for this possibility also, please notify me if you get some infomation.
best regards

Arash Kahedi
Arash Kahedi on 10 Feb 2020
thats a very good question i am struggling with this too for the drone competition!!!
Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 26 Feb 2020
Hello Arash,
You could also consider going through the following video series on Drone Simulation and COntrol:

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Fareed El-Ezaby
Fareed El-Ezaby on 11 Feb 2020
Wow fantastic question! I would suggest consulting "MATLAB Programming for Engineers - Stephen J. Chapman." for further information.
It helped me a lot when pursuing this same project a few months ago.
Best of luck!

Srijith Vijay
Srijith Vijay on 11 Feb 2020
You could modify the flight controller parameters to match the aerodynamics of a Parrot airborne cargo.

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