error when the input is zero

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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 27 Aug 2012
hi all, i am doing a code on MATLAB while the variable input is :
T= Temperature
G= irradiation
but I am getting an error when I have G value equal to zero. the error is :
??? Attempted to access (0); index must be a positive integer or logical.
my code is :
V(N)=0; %Error is here on this line!!
for i=1:(N-1)
V(i)=(NS*A*k*T/q)*log(1+(IL-I(i))/IO)-I(i)*RS; %
why I am getting this error and how to overcome it ?? please help and advice. thanks

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Aug 2012
When G is 0, then IL comes out 0. Then 0:h:IL is 0 to 0, which has a length (N) of 0. You then attempt to assign to that 0'th element.
What result would you like to get out when the length comes out 0?
Consider using
I = linspace(0, IL, 1001);
instead of the h and I code you hae at the moment.
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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 28 Aug 2012
thanks Mr. Walter, you solution is works... thanks again

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Babak on 27 Aug 2012
If you set G = 0, then IL will be evaluated as 0.
When IL = 0, then h = 0 and I = 0:h:IL which is I = [].
And N = length(I) is 0.
Assignment of V(N) is like V(0) is meaningless.
I recommand you not set G = 0. I don't know the reason why it ccan/should be zero.
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Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 28 Aug 2012
Mr babak, the reason to use G = zero cuz the irradiation of the sun is equal to zero in the night.
Mr. walter's answer works very well

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