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combining number of images using matlab

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Safaa on 26 Aug 2012
Hi all:
I am trying to combine number of images in matlab. The number of combined images is up to four .I want them to be combined based on the concept of layers (as in photoshop) not to be concatenated together. This means that the size of the resulted image will be the same as the size of each combined image. Is there a matlab function that does that task properly?

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Ashish Uthama
Ashish Uthama on 27 Aug 2012
You could look at imfuse and see if it helps combine two images at a time.

Ryan on 26 Aug 2012
See the Matlab FAQ.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Aug 2012
You can read in each image and stick it into one plane (layer) of a 3 dimensional image.
layersImage = cat(3, image1, image2, image3, image4);


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