building a for loop with t = t+1

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Tim Elbers
Tim Elbers on 6 Jun 2019
Edited: Tim Elbers on 17 Jun 2019
Hey All,
I have desperate question conserning building a for loop in matlab.
I want to move on in time (t) and use my old values obtained for x(t) and u(t) in the next computation\loop
from the example i know that the last line in the for loop has to be t= t+1, but i am a little bit confused because the for loop must iterate over i
I already created the code but i am struggeling to create this for loop.
let me introduce the code that i already have:

Accepted Answer

Dennis on 6 Jun 2019
A few things first: i is often used to increment for loops, but it is completly up to you if you use i, t or something else.
for MyLoopIncrement=1:5
The for loop in Matlab will increment without adding t=t+1. Contrary while loops will not.
while t<5
I cannot run your code, because i am missing H2bar, but my first advice would be to use proper indices. This means instead of x1, x2 x3.... use x(1), x(2), x(3). In your case x(:,1), x(:,2), x(:,3) since x is a vector.
I do not understand what you are trying to calculate, since your u values appear to be 0 (K0 is always 0) and you multiply a 2 element vector with a 2x2 matrix, but the loop you might be looking for should look somewhat like this:
x=zeros(2,10); %preallocation, works without but increases speed
x(:,1)=[1;2]; %your x0
for t=2:10

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