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how can i get each joint angle from manipulator robot?

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Ive made a robot model and wanted the end effector to go to point (1,0.5,0)
Using the inverse kinematics in the Robotics System Tololbox, ive manage to simulate the robot movement.
How can i get each joint angle from manipulator robot?
Robot: (3 bodies)
Idx Body Name Joint Name Joint Type Parent Name(Idx) Children Name(s)
--- --------- ---------- ---------- ---------------- ----------------
1 link1 joint1 revolute base(0) link2(2)
2 link2 joint2 revolute link1(1) tool(3)
3 tool fix1 fixed link2(2)

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Robotics and Autonomous Systems Team
When you use the IK object as mentioned on this page:
[configSol,solInfo] = ik(endeffector,pose,weights,initialguess)
The configSol is the solution (i.e., the joint angles for the final solution to be satisfied).

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