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Orongo on 14 May 2019
Answered: Kevin Phung on 14 May 2019
Hi, I am plotting 100 lines in one plot and am zooming in on 10 of them (final 10 in a matrix). How can write so the 10 lines I zoom in on are of same colors in boths plots?

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Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 14 May 2019
To plot in a specific color, scroll down in :
so you can do something like
col = [1 0 0] %RGB triplet,
a= plot(1:5,1:5,'Color',col)
b= plot(1:5,1:5,'Color','r') % r for red
%you can set both lines to a different color at once:
set([a b],'Color','b');
^just apply this logic to the 10 plots you are talking about.


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