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How to store data and use data at particular instant in Simulink?

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I am using sine signal having 50Hz frequency. RMS value of this signal is being used for some calculation (calculation number 1) which is done after every 50msec. So here I am taking RMS value input after every 50msec. Output of calculation 1 is increases initially and then settles down (saturates). When input RMS is changed, output of calculation 1 approaches new threshold value (takes some time to reach there). With the new RMS value, once the threshold is crossed the next calculation (number 2) is initiated. But this next calculaton is having the terms from initial steady state RMS input of signal (RMS value corresponding to initial saturated value of calculation 1) (like previous signal value). I want to get that value here. The time interval after which this value is required is variable and depends on calculation of calculation number 1. How can I achieve this?

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ES on 13 May 2019
Use delay block value to reload the last value whenever the RMS value changes.
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Tushar Mahalle
Tushar Mahalle on 13 May 2019
Thanks a lot ES but I actually am using the delay block. But i was looking for some dedicated solution for this problem.

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