How to remove weekend from a TimeTable Plot

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Sonima on 20 Apr 2019
Commented: dpb on 21 Apr 2019
I want to plot CandleStick pattern based on a TimeTable I have. In this case, I want to remove the gap on my chart caused by weekends. The following code simply remove the weekends from the timetable
T = T(~isweekend(T.DateTime),:);
However, I still have the gap when I plot the Candls since the xaxis shows the weekends gap! How can I remove this gap?
dpb on 21 Apr 2019
But T.Datetime would still be the actual times...did you try something like I suggested to actually make Monday appear to be Saturday, etc., ?
Or, plot only the data corresponding to your T vector as ordinal against position in resulting vector and then label the ticks to be the desired datetime strings--but then it will have to be the strings, not as dates.
Or, add a second datetime axis that has the T vector to display the time axis but plot the data on the ordinal x axis below...
As noted earlier, afaik, there is no easy builtin routine to handle it...

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