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Notched-box for different data set

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Brave A
Brave A on 17 Apr 2019
Commented: Brave A on 17 Apr 2019
I need to compare 2 languages of doing matrix multiplications.
I measued the time with 5 different sizes of matrices 31, 500,700, 1000,1500.
for every language I compare rows and columns.and I run every one with 15 times.
I need to plot Notched box that shows P- values and confidence intervals as well. Like this:
y1 = importdata('Crow31.txt');
y2 = importdata('Ccol31.txt');
y3 = importdata('Javacol31.txt');
y4 = importdata('Javarow31.txt');
y5 = importdata('Crow500.txt');
y6 = importdata('Ccol500.txt');
y7 = importdata('Javacol500.txt');
y8 = importdata('Javarow500.txt');
y9 = importdata('Crow700.txt');
y10 = importdata('Ccol700.txt');
y11 = importdata('Javacol700.txt');
y12 = importdata('Java700.txt');
y13 = importdata('Crow1000.txt');
y14 = importdata('Ccol1000.txt');
y15 = importdata('Javacol1000.txt');
y16 = importdata('Javarow1000.txt');
y17= importdata('Crow1500.txt');
y18= importdata('Ccol1500.txt');
y19 = importdata('Javacol1500.txt');
y20 = importdata('Javarow1500.txt');
aboxplot(h,'labels',[y1,y2,y3]); % Advanced box plot
xlabel('$\mu$'); % Set the X-axis label
legend('$\sigma=2$','$\sigma=4$','$\sigma=6$'); % Add a legend
Here is my attempt but I struggle in how to represent this amount of data to match the picture above .
I will appricated any help or suggestions

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