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Simulink Real-Time CPU overload in standalone mode

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Using 2017B and a Speedgoat Mobile Real Time Target machine we are seeing CPU overload errors when built and run in standlone mode, but exactly the same model built and run in normal (DOS loader) mode runs fine with no overloads. The model is an automotive controller using CAN and UDP connectivity (no phyiscial I/O).
Anyone got any ideas where to investigate more to understand this problem?
Wenjie Chen
Wenjie Chen on 21 Aug 2020
I have encouter the same issue. Got any solution already?
Alex Austin
Alex Austin on 24 Aug 2020
Sorry no - recently tried same experiment on R2020a version and same result.
I've basically given up on the standalone mode - I just think that not many people use it, and consequently they don't really maintain or develop it as well as they could.

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Answers (1)

Ivo Houtzager
Ivo Houtzager on 1 Sep 2020
I had the same issue. For me disabling "USB Support" in the target settings solved it.
Also the disable SMI block from works well if you have a supported chipset.
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Alex Austin
Alex Austin on 4 Sep 2020
Thanks for the ideas - I'll give them a go and let you know if it works

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