Invalid MEX-file missing dependencies libraries,​"cudart64_​75.dll" and "nppi64_75.dll" missing ,I Actually wrote the program for cropping of the video frames in rectangle bounding boxes, it is throwing these can i resolve this error?

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Jan on 10 Apr 2019
Edited: Jan on 10 Apr 2019
What is your question? The error message is clear, but how could we guess preceisely, why the mentioned libraries are not where they are expected?
If the libraries are missing, you have to provide them. We cannot know, why your code needs "nppi64_75.dll". So please explain, how you have created them, where these libraries are located and which you (or the author of the code) include them.

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Peter Cook
Peter Cook on 10 Apr 2019
It's hard to tell your specific problem, but here's a couple suggestions.
  1. If you compile the cuda mex in Visual Studio instead of MATLAB you can choose to statically link the NVIDIA libraries in Project/Solution settings and you won't need to ship the DLLs.
  2. Do you have your CUDA environment paths set up correctly? i.e. %CUDA_PATH%, %CudaToolkitDir%, %CudaToolkitLibDir%, %NVTOOLSEXT_PATH%
  3. [General Windows development advice] The first place a DLL (i.e. *.mexw64) looks for a dependency is the folder its sitting in, did you try copying the DLLs to the same directory as the mex to see if it works? If this fails you will have to fix some problems with the compiler/linker to get your project to go.

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