Is there a way to disable the visualization of a Simscape Multibody simulation in the Mechanics Explorer using a command?

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When I want to switch off the visualization of a Simscape Multibody simulation, I have to uncheck the box "Open Mechanics Explorer on model update or simulation". I want to do that using a command or a parameter, so that I don't have to open Simulink and check or uncheck the box.
The only solution I found so far is to create a copy of my Configuration Parameter Set where the visualization is turned off and switch to the different Configuration Parameter Set by
setActiveConfigSet('mymodel', 'Copy_of_Configuration1_without_visualization')
This works, but the problem here is that this changes the .slx file everytime I do that which is not really convenient, especially when working with git.

Accepted Answer

Brian Hong
Brian Hong on 1 May 2020
You can use a set_param command.
>> set_param(<model name>,'SimMechanicsOpenEditorOnUpdate','off')
Brian Hong
Brian Hong on 4 May 2020
You could try not saving the model as in this example
or using the sim command with the model parameter
>> paramNameValStruct.SimMechanicsOpenEditorOnUpdate = 'off';
>> simOut = sim(<model name>,paramNameValStruct)
to avoid changing the SLX.

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