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Ana Campos
Ana Campos on 28 Mar 2019
Commented: Kevin Phung on 28 Mar 2019
Hello, I need to build a UI with 3 push buttons and each one of them needs to play an audio file. I am not used to working with UI and the code that I would use within a script doesn't work for the UI. Any tips on how to do it please? :) Cheers!

Accepted Answer

Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 28 Mar 2019
if you want to create your ui programmatically, check this out:
if you want to use matlabs appdesigner, which is actually pretty nice but you dont have complete control:
I prefer programming the ui myself.
so for example to create a pushbutton:
%in a script:
f = figure;
push1 = uicontrol('Style','pushbutton',... %type of uicontrol
'callback',@push1callback); %run this function when triggered / pushed
push1 %call this to see other properties you can adjust.
%create a function for the pushbutton:
function push1callback(hObj,event) %always include these 2 parameters, they are there by default
Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 28 Mar 2019
happy to help, let me know if you have any more questions

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