How do i average all result in total loop,if some result in some of loop are NaN

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yang-En Hsiao
yang-En Hsiao on 26 Mar 2019
Answered: Jos (10584) on 26 Mar 2019
Using matlab R2015a
I want to sum lots of numbers, and each number is the result of optimal problem in each time of loop,however in these result,some of them are NaN,if i just want to sum them,not average them,then I can just use the code below
for k=1:10
%optimal problem calculating code(code omit)
c=c+nansum(optimal problem result)%c is the summation of all optimal problem result
but if I want to average these results,i mean average c, I can't just replace the "nansum" with "nanmean".because the size of optimal problem is 1 by 1 value in every loops,not a the result of nansum and nanmean will be the same.
Also,because I didn't know the amount of NaN result,so neither can I use the definition of average,total value/amount , so I want to ask if i want to average them,how do I write the code?
If you have some method ,and want to use my optimal problem calculating code to test ,please tell me,i will edit the question

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 26 Mar 2019
Store each result in an array and average after the loop. An example:
c = nan(1,10) ; % pre-allocation for speed
for k = 1:10
c(k) = function_returning_results_of_optimal_problem
avC = nanmean(c) % mean ignoring nans

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