Problem with CNN after compiling

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Slavomír Duga
Slavomír Duga on 16 Mar 2019
Answered: Antti on 8 Jan 2021
Hello, I created CNN, train the network and then i tried to clasify images. Everything was good, but after I compile my figure to .exe, I'm getting this eror:"Variable 'net' originally saved as a SeriesNetwork cannot be instantiated as an object and will be read in as a uint32."
Problem is in this row: "predictedLabels = classify(net,spektrogram);"
Can anyone help pls?

Answers (1)

Antti on 8 Jan 2021
It looks like your executable doesn't know how to handle the network object. You can try explicitly including the class definition file in your executable.
You can find the directory containing "SeriesNetwork" by executing the following command in the MATLAB command window:
>> which SeriesNetwork
It will likely look something like this:
"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\<version>\toolbox\nnet\cnn\SeriesNetwork.m"
Then you can include the directory containing the class definition using the "-a" flag for "mcc".
Your final compilation command will look something like this:
mcc -m yourApplication.m -a "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\<version>\toolbox\nnet\cnn"




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