Falied on Confidence test TEST #5.

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Kei Iwamoto
Kei Iwamoto on 13 Mar 2019
Answered: Jiajun Ma on 19 Mar 2021
The Confidence test stops on TEST #5 after warning messages as below.
警告: クラス MathWorks.xPCTarget.FrameWork.xPCTargetPC に対して定義されたイベント Loaded のリスナー コールバックの
エラー: SimulinkRealTime.target/XCPLoadedCB
> In SimulinkRealTime.target/load
In slrttest (line 212)
Please tell me what the error means and how to corrent the error.

Answers (1)

Jiajun Ma
Jiajun Ma on 19 Mar 2021
Hi, I have the same problem.
My environment is R2020A with VS 2017 compilers.
The enviroment works fine for my models((C code integrated in S function)previously .
But after I integrated a .lib (x86 compiled with VS 2017) in my sfucntion, this problem happens.
Still trying to work it out.




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