How can i get "save as XML" in solidworks with simmechanics?

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I installed Matlab R2012a, solid works 2012 and then I downloaded and installed the link between them.
I did these steps:
  • open Matlab as administrator
  • run the command for server with
  • use command link with successfull message
  • Run solidworks
  • open tool and select the link
Then, I opened a 3d assembly but was impossible to save that in XML.
Is there something wrong?
Thank'you so much
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Daniel Saa
Daniel Saa on 31 Aug 2015
have the same problem. I could install sucessfully the Simmechanics Link, then I opened the Solidworks, checked the add-in box at Solidworks and I finally tried to save as a .xml, but i coudn't.

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Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 20 Nov 2022
You need to make sure you follow these instructions carefully.
The one step I often see users overlook is enabling the plugin in SolidWorks.
Your description makes it sound like you have followed both of those steps.
Other common issues:
  1. The system you open in SolidWorks must be an assembly. Otherwise, the menu item under Tools for exporting to Simscape Multibody XML will not appear.
  2. You need to look for the menu item under "Tools", not "File/Save As".

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