Empty workspace with GUI

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Sven Schoeberichts
Sven Schoeberichts on 26 Jul 2012
Hi to all,
I use the workspace to debug my programs, but I made a program with a GUI now and the workspace stays empty. Why is it empty and how get the variables to appear in the workspace?
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Sven Schoeberichts
Sven Schoeberichts on 26 Jul 2012
After some research, it's probablty because everything happens within functions and their own workspaces. Is there a way to make them all visible at the same time in the same window?

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Accepted Answer

Luffy on 27 Jul 2012
Try storing variables in base work space by,
assignin('base','name of variable u want to save','value of variable');
To access variable
v = evalin('base','name of variable u want to access');
% the variable's data is now stored in v.

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