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Matlab compiler adding version info

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I currently work with the Matlab Compiler App (Matlab 2017b) and would like to add the version number to be able to check which version is used by the customer. I have already tried to set the values in the corresponding field
2019-02-12 10_26_32-MATLAB Compiler - USControlTool.prj.jpg
However it is not written into the exe version info (sorry it is german) Dateiversion or at least Produktversion should contain the value.
2019-02-12 10_29_51-Eigenschaften von USControlTool.exe.jpg
I found already the suggestion to use AssemlyInfo.cs which does not help in my case .
Has anyone a suggestion or need some additional informations?
Hannes Trogmann
Hannes Trogmann on 12 Feb 2019
Thanks for the suggestion.
I was already thinking of this. One issue remains the user has to open the exe and it can not be updated automatically from a central IT infrastructure point.
It could happen that an update is only required for acertain version number and not necessarily on all versions in the field.
It seems that this issue is a bigger once as I was thinking of. Hopefully Mathworks will provide some update of this.

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Accepted Answer

Mohan Feng
Mohan Feng on 15 Feb 2019
Unfortunately, there is not a way to add the version number in MATLAB Compiler APP. The development team has been informed about the enhancement request.
As a workaround, you can create the standalone application with the version number appended to the name of the application. For example, the application name can be myApplication_v1_0_5. This would allow multiple installations of various versions in the same system as well as have the version name in the application's shortcut.
I am sorry about the inconvenience that may cause.
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Hannes Trogmann
Hannes Trogmann on 20 Feb 2019
Thanks for the answer. Even if it is not the desired one i will accept it for now.
Hope they will change it for the future.

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