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Please suggest me how I can stop the charging of battery at 80% by using simulink?

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I am designing a simulink model to charge the battery for EV. My model is running,but, I want to stop charging at 80%. I used many methods like relay, comparator, saturator etc. but nothing is working. My model is attached in figureEV Screenshot3.jpg

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 5 Feb 2019
If you open that switch, those 12A of constant current have no choice but to all go into the battery, so it makes sense that it won't stop charging.
(well, a little of it will go through the "off" resistance of the open switch, but still...)
Actually, is there a reason for that constant current source being there? I feel like the 3-Phase Supply should provide the energy, and then opening the switch will disconnect that from the batter.
- Sebastian


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