common gear constraint friction

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Matthieu HOARAU
Matthieu HOARAU on 7 Jan 2019
Hi everyone,
I'm a student in mechanical engineering and I'm new to Simscape Multibody. For my mechanical project I have to create a robot.
But first I need to modelize it on Simscape Multibody, to know the torque required for the motors.
I got some questions concerning to friction and losses in my system. I made a Common Gear Constraint between 2 Gears as you can see on the screenshot (everything work perfectly), and I wanted to include friction in my system : So my wheel can slow down when I put a Dirac for the torque.
To do this, I just entered a Damping coefficient (value: 1e-2 found on others forums) in Internal Mechanics, but how to be sure that this value is representative of a fricton between gears ?
I mean, how to determine the value of a damping coefficient for a system ? Do i have to put a radom value ? (I don't think so because it'll influenced the torque valuerequired for the wheel to move).
P.S: This is my first post, so if some points are unclear please tell me so I can clarify them. And I am sorry for my bad English.

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Rishabh Rathore
Rishabh Rathore on 16 Jan 2019
Have a look at the following documentations regarding translation and rotational friction elements: -

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