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Making moving obstacles in an matlab

Asked by faiza gul on 2 Jan 2019
Latest activity Edited by Pravija Raj on 19 Sep 2019
I have created random obstacles in MATLAB, (they are user acquired) now I am trying to make some obstacles randomly moving.
I Know that, in every iteration value of some obstacle be updated by adding some threshold valueto it.
But I am getting how to write up in code.
Kindly help me


The last part that you mentioned is so correct that exactly I want for my simulation. Like obstacles should move with random speed.
Can you help how should I do this
Hello Faiza,
I am working with a similar situation. Were you able to figure out the code for your scenario. Please kindly share if you have.
I will explain my problem here. I need to simulate an object that randomly moves in a square area in any direction for a duration of time with a random speed. Can any one help me with the code for this.
I am working on path planning and avoiding obstacle.

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1 Answer

Answer by darova
on 10 Sep 2019
 Accepted Answer

After long 7 month of training and research i reached a success. Here is what i've achieved
px = 5*rand(10,1); % initial position
py = 5*rand(10,1);
axis([-1 1 -1 1]*20)
hold on
t = 360*rand(size(px)); % initial direction in degree
for i = 1:20 % number of iterations
dx = 0.5*cosd(t); % how fast we move
dy = 0.5*sind(t);
t = t + 90*(0.5-rand(size(px))); % change direction (-45:45) degree
plot([px px+dx]', [py py+dy]') % plot displacement
px = px + dx; % new position
py = py + dy;
h = plot(px,py,'.b'); % plot new position
pause(0.2) % wait
delete(h) % remove new position
% from graph
hold off


Thats amazing and exceptional. truly good work
on 10 Sep 2019
Thank you :)
Many thanks for your response and really appreciate your work.
Thank you.

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