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I have set of latitude and latitude of a specific region which has the mobile towers deployed and now I want to know the best possible location to deploy new mobile towers to overcome the coverage issues, which algorithm or what will be best way to ?

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Having set of latitude and longitude which corresponds to the existing location of mobile towers at a region in surat.
As we are facing coverage issues, we want to find a best possible locations to deploy new mobile towerd and overcome the mobile coverage issue in the same region.
How do i get to the soluton?
Which algorithm or what should be done to get some new points to locate new mobile towers or say optimal location/solution by already using the location of exisitng mobilw towers?


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Are Mjaavatten
Are Mjaavatten on 19 Dec 2018
Obviously, optmal locations will depend on many factors, such as topography and signal interference risk. But as a first approximation, you could try the points that are farthest away from existing towers in a given region. Voronoi diagrams may be a good tool for this. My File Exchange entry remotest may be what you need, or maybe you can use this as a starting point for a more taylored approach.


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Simran Sandhu
Simran Sandhu on 21 Dec 2018
yes now all the required results are displayed.. Thank you so much.
One more ques can we do this thing with any algorithm like PSO (Particle swarm optimization )
Genetic algorithm ??
Are Mjaavatten
Are Mjaavatten on 21 Dec 2018
My routine maximizes the distance from neihgboring towers and thus may give you a starting point for placing your tower. But most likely you must take into account several other factors like topography, population distribution, making sure that major roads get good coverage, and so on.
You may be able to formulate an optimization criterion that handles some of these factors. You may have to add constraints, e.g. avoid areas that are not suited (lakes, nature reserves,...) Given the criterion and constraints, you must find a suitable solver, Some such methods are available in the Matlab optimization toolbox. Particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithms are available in the global optimization toolbox. However, solving complex optimization problems may be quite challenging and require some level of expertise.
Unless you have access to such expertise, it may be simpler to use trial and error in combination with common sense and your professional knowledge.
Simran Sandhu
Simran Sandhu on 21 Dec 2018
Thank you so much sir for your guidance to begin my work here, I hope I reach the desired solution soon.
thank you

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