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How to deal with "Read timed out" question when installing?

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Ismail Mudhaffar
Ismail Mudhaffar on 11 Sep 2019
I have the same problem. It download for about 4% and then it shows download failed: "read timed out"

Hans Kramer
Hans Kramer on 14 Oct 2019
Have the same problem, can't download Matlab 2019b. Gets stuck at a few % with this error.

jianbo wu
jianbo wu on 3 May 2020
same question

Hongjin Du
Hongjin Du on 4 Sep 2020
same problem

chen bin
chen bin on 11 Jan 2019
I have the same problem, what a poor sever........

Yike Wang
Yike Wang on 11 Jun 2019
Same problem..

Shane Bruce
Shane Bruce on 12 Sep 2019
Edited: Shane Bruce on 12 Sep 2019
I'd tried every iteration of network connection I know.
I'm a Physicist and I"ve always hated MatLab which probably doesn't help. It's always been too dysfunctional with unresolved references, illogical, and so it creates graphics, SO WHAT it's not worth the time of trying to get it to work and its' incomprehensible misefforts in trying to make any interface, it's not that hard to create a graph, any reporting software does it. Make it a coding effort instead!
But it's ridiculous that it can't install because MathWorks servers can't find a file for hours at a time to install from! But, someone with a contract is requiring it, so I thought I'd download it to refamiliarize before buying it. At this point I'll argue against it and say R and programming in C++ myself instead, but besides the multiple attempts to install, each stopping on a completely different file like whoever MathWorks is, is the most unprofessional company on the entire internet, given the range of expectations, it falls the furthest.
So my question is, even the website doesn't adhere to the guides that are given. such as the idea of having to then install without an internet connection, Which should be a simple enough of a process, is unusual and unexpected and substandard not to be able to, but following the
to generate a license number used to install offline, there is no step 3 from step five of "To get your File Installation Key" dialog that one should enter it.
the MathWorks website can't link it's own references? I know, MatLab is real, but I'd doubt it from the installation process, thinking it some retarded scam to make people rage quit or buy a license to non-existent software by the sheer incompetence of it all. Be sure to run this up the management chain. Obviously it's "link to a license" which is the one link on the entire licensecenter which require a license number isn't a way to generate one.
I know it's not a new problem, question high on the "questions asked" going back months saying how pathetic the MathWorks server is. This question is one example.
so how do the MathWorks frigging geniuses foul up what should be a one click solution? and how do I install the pig? It shouldn't be funny, any sector should be horrified. I imagine the rage quit in sales is huge, and it not being supported by bloated edu it'd have failed as a company decades ago.
And it didn't place a log file here (another half hour of file searching), and why am I being handed a pre-release on a product I considered unstable to begin with?
The "Answer" is don't use MatLab, use R, program your own analysis. Anything but a company that serially breaks their promisies and false advertising, the the "free trail" can't install it, the don't support it. Answer back with better more professional alternatives than anything off MathWorks. I didn't like it when it was for free in college, like it less now. Rather write my own code.
I don't trust MathWorks, it's the first 5 minutes, 25 years impression and the 6 hours of my refamilarization which I should be compensated for, if there ever was a class action waiting... imagine that commercial, "Did you attempt to download the trail version of MatLab and fail? Contact 1-800..."

Wang keyao Wang
Wang keyao Wang on 4 Nov 2019
How to slove the problems??? I'm anxious to slove the problems. HELP....

Sid W
Sid W on 24 Nov 2019
Same problem.Stuck at 41% while downloading signal processing toolbox.Is there anybody will improve their serve????

PatronBernard on 10 Mar 2020
Hate to say this seems to be the solution, but the problem went away by itself on the 3rd try. Good luck!
Gur Telem
Gur Telem on 2 Apr 2020
Tried over 4 times. The last time it failed at 99.9% (1MB missing out of the 1105MB). UGH!!!!!
aqilah jalil
aqilah jalil on 15 May 2020
i tried 5 times over 3 days still cannot solve anything

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Cesar García Echeverry
Cesar García Echeverry on 30 Apr 2020
I have the same erro. Any one solved it?

Abhishek Jain
Abhishek Jain on 29 Oct 2020
Same problem.Please help

Kevin Phung
Kevin Phung on 18 Sep 2023
Edited: Kevin Phung on 18 Sep 2023
My IT department helped me figure this out.
Even though there is a "Read Timed Out error", there is still a zip-folder that gets produced.
Double clicking to extract did not work, but extracting using 7-zip and then running the setup.exe allowed me to install R2019b.


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