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How to solve string error in xlswrite?

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Here in following code and decr are vectors in for loop.I want to write xls file as
But I am getting error: ??? Error using ==> xlswrite at 156 Filename must be a string.
Can any body please explain how to remove solve this error.
Thank You.

Accepted Answer

Srinivas on 13 Jul 2012
what version of MATLAB are you using, looks like you are referring to this link, if that is the case you need to download the corresponding file from file exchange

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F. on 13 Jul 2012
Well I don't know ....
... the order of arguments ??? what do you think about ?
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Amit on 13 Jul 2012
I think we can use this order also where m is matrix xlswrite(m,header,colnames,'myfile.xls')

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