How to tell MATLAB where fortran compiler is?

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Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham on 10 Dec 2018
Edited: A.B. on 11 Dec 2018
I have Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Update 1, Visual Studio 2017, and Windows 10. In MATLAB I ran "mex -setup FORTRAN" or "mex -setup -v FORTRAN", MATLAB couldn't file IFORT_COMPILER18. There was IFORT_COMPILER18 with value C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\compilers_and_libraries_2018.1.156\windows\. What should I do so that MATLAB can recognize IFORT_COMPILER18?

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A.B. on 11 Dec 2018
Edited: A.B. on 11 Dec 2018
This incompatibility is actually very annoying. There is always a lag of one year between the compatible versions of the two software. For someone who is trying to stay uptodate on both software, MATLAB-Intel(Fortran) compatibility can never happen. (update: this was supposed to be a sympathizing comment on the question, not an answer. sorry for the confusion)
Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham on 11 Dec 2018
With Intel Parallel Studios XE for Fortran 2017 installed, mex found it. The problem is solved. Thanks.

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