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Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen on 28 Nov 2018
Commented: Spencer Chen on 8 Jan 2019
In Matlab Editor, the GoTo toolstrip will give a list of sections that allows you jump to various locations of the script.
Is there a way to display a panel with the same list of sections permenantly in Editor window?

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Amy on 30 Nov 2018
I don't think the exact feature you're describing exists at the moment, but the Current Folder browser does have a "Details" panel that you can use to preview the contents of a file. I believe it's minimized by default, but you can right click on a file and select "Show details" to expand it. For MATLAB scripts, the details will show all of the sections and sub-functions in the script, and from there you can double click on a section name to go to that section in the Editor.
This will only show you details for the one file that's selected in the current folder pane, not for all the files you currently have open in the Editor, but if you're spending most of your time working in the same directory it might still come in handy for you.
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Spencer Chen
Spencer Chen on 8 Jan 2019
Something like the following from an editor that I use for C/C++ codes. The tags on the left function names and clicking on them allows me to GoTo that particular function on the editing pane.
The GoTo toolstrip icon already has a list, but it requires more clicking to get to; less intuitive.

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