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Is it possible to read data from .dat or .m file for an intial value of IC block in simulink?

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I have a simulink model with 25 inputs, but I need to assign values to my IC blocks. One way of doing this is to enter them manually. Is it possible to read data from .dat or .m file to assign it to IC blocks?

Accepted Answer

Srinivas on 10 Jul 2012
you can assign 25 variables with the values, save them to a mat file and load it before the simulation.

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K E on 10 Jul 2012
Or you can write a mfile script to read in the stored values from a mat file (or just write them into the mfile), use the set_param command to assign those values to your model, then run the simulations from the script using the sim command. You can further process or save the output from your simulations from within the mfile. This is a useful approach for parameter studies where you are varying those inputs' values.
Sandeep on 10 Jul 2012
Thanks. I am using a rtw to generate a .dll file. If I use the approach suggested by you, then everytime I make any changes to my initial parameters, I will have to generate a new .dll file.
K E on 10 Jul 2012
Sorry, I forgot you are doing things in real time. You can implement Srinivas's suggestion using a model callback.

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