How to add a property to the handles?

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I'm creating GUI using guide. I added a new handles, but it does not contain any property (like struct). Please advice.

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Arthur on 10 Jul 2012
So your code is:
handles.edit1 = 0;
This way you don't create an object, you simply add a field to the structure "handles", with value 0. I think you misunderstand the concept of handles. A handle is merely a number to refer to an object. The handle itself does not contain any properties. In addition, you can't add properties to an object: all properties are defined by the type of object.

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Luffy on 10 Jul 2012
Let me explain it for an edit box(assuming Tag is 1)
x = get(handles.edit1,'String');
Now similarly use get & set to get & set properties via handles of Objects

Michael Adelman
Michael Adelman on 10 Jul 2012
If I understood correctly, 'String' is a property? if yes, then you explained how to set and get value of a string. I'm looking how to add 'String' (which is a property) to a handle that doesn't has any properties.
In other words: assume that I'm at the Demo_OpeningFcn (GUI) and I write a s follows:
handles.edit1 = 0;
. . .
how to handles.edit1 add a property?

Michael Adelman
Michael Adelman on 10 Jul 2012
So you saying that I need to create an object first and then assign it to handle?


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