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Can compiled MATLAB standalone make use of MDCS?

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As above, can a compiled MATLAB standalone application (.exe) coded with parfor loop, make use of MATLAB Distributed Computing Server workers?
If yes, how do i configure the application to do so? Thanks!

Accepted Answer

Richard Alcock
Richard Alcock on 30 Mar 2011
Since R2008b applications deployed using the MATLAB compiler can access a cluster running MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.
The documentation has information and examples:, but a quick example might look like this
function my_compiled_app
% Open a matlabpool on the cluster defined
% by the 'my_cluster' configuration
matlabpool('open', 4, 'my_cluster');
% Run a parfor loop on the cluster
parfor i = 1:10
% Close the pool
Compile the application using mcc
>> mcc -m my_compiled_app
And the run it - this should open a matlabpool on the cluster, and show the parfor running
C:\Work> my_compiled_app.exe

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 30 Mar 2011
I know of customers that somehow distribute MATLAB Compiler generated EXEs on their clusters. However, I do not think this can be done using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server. The question is why would somebody who has MATLAB and MDCS available go the detour of first creating an EXE?
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Michael Teo
Michael Teo on 30 Mar 2011
The short answer to your question is code protection.
We developed models for clients who has MDCS cluster and the concern tha i have is the processing speed. If we distribute the application in exe to client and if the exe do not use the MDCS workers that the client has, then my company will be penalized.

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