Click on Subplot and Open it in a "New" Figure

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John F
John F on 10 Jul 2012
Hi everyone!
I've set up my code to plot four subplots into one figure. I'm using this array of subplots as an overview of my signal data to do a quick check of what's going on in the signal.
However, after plotting these four axes into one figure, I'd like to be able to click on one of the subplots in "Figure 1" and have that subplot open in its own "Figure 2" in which I could do more detailed plotting work.
Any help?

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 10 Jul 2012
You could set the parent property of the axes to a new figure.
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John F
John F on 10 Jul 2012
These answers are great (and so are your videos Doug! As a new user, I'm a big fan!) but the problem I'm having is trying to interact with the Plot GUI.
Rather than setting parent properties in the command window, I'm looking to be able to click on a subplot (say in the lower right quadrant of Figure 1), and have a new figure (Figure 2) pop up with just the subplot that was in the lower right quadrant of Figure 1.
Is this possible? Or would I have to create my own separate GUI to do this? (the more I think about it...this is seeming more like what I'd need to do.)

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Luffy on 10 Jul 2012
One way of doing this is:
h = figure;
income = [3.2,4.1,5.0,5.6];
outgo = [2.5,4.0,3.35,4.9];
subplot(2,1,1); plot(income)
subplot(2,1,2); plot(outgo)
g = figure; % g is new figure where subplot is to be presnt
% Now if you want subplot(2,1,1) delete other subplots(in ur case u hv to delete 3 other subplots which u don't want)
% In this example i delete subplot(2,1,2)
Luffy on 10 Jul 2012
Edited: Luffy on 10 Jul 2012
I dunno how to identify subplot clicked but user can create a popup menu to select which subplot to re plot in a new figure & based on that use value property to delete other subplots.

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