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Plotting: How can I remove the axis label and only have it at points of my choice?

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I have created a plot:
data=[0.0308058510638298; 0.596862338112858;0.861890893648603; 0.673247180006754; 0.409382760478123; 0.157375455092607; 0.301794976611568]
[a,b] = unifit(data)
axis([0 maximum 0 2])
xlabel('energy consumption')
title('Fit to uniform distribution')
now I would like to remove the numbers on the axis label and only have it on the y axis at the max value (i.e. at y= 1/(b-a)) and at the x values a and b (see example)
How can I do this? Many thanks in advance!

Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Jul 2012
set(gca, 'XTick', [a b], 'YTick', max(y(:)) );

Luffy on 9 Jul 2012
If you mean axes Tick Label at end of your code write this,

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