"Functionality is not implemented for the MDF file" error

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For 1/5 of the MDF files I am trying to import into MATLAB, the mdf and read functions are working as they should. But for the other 4/5 of the mdf files, I get the following error:
"Functionality is not implemented for the MDF file."
fileName = 'MDFData.mdf';
mdfObj = mdf(fileName);
mdfData = read(mdfObj);
This error is thrown when "read" is called, after "mdf" successfully produces a normal-looking mdfObj.
The 4/5 of files that do not work and the 1/5 of files that do work come from the same device with the same configuration. And I have verified that the 4/5 of files that do not work do have good data (I have converted them to .mat files from within CANape, and opened the resulting .mat files in MATLAB to look at the data directly).
Does anyone know what could be causing this error and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance!
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dpb on 20 Nov 2018
Don't have the toolbox to look but that message makes one wonder if the implementation in ML TB isn't, perhaps, a release earlier than current Standard and the files were wrltten using a feature therefore not supported in ML.
Unfortunately, the ML documentation gives no helpful information in such regards; doesn't even reference the standard at all that I saw...
Or, it could be a bug. I'd suggest submit the file and support request to TMW official support.

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