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John on 4 Jul 2012
Would anybody know what the command is to generate a graph that looks like this
I've forgotten what it is and can't seem to find it!
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Luffy on 4 Jul 2012
Does bar3 help you

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 4 Jul 2012
Hi John, See the help for bar3
For example:
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John on 5 Jul 2012
I am pretty sure that there is another graphing function, which bis the data into an m x n matrix first. I cannot remember it name but I've definitely seen a page on this site with the function and examples. It begins with a "T".
Any ideas?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 5 Jul 2012
Are you referring to the ‘Talagrand diagram’? If so, I just searched the TMW website for it and came up empty for code and examples. You'll likely have to write your own code but it should be easy to use MATLAB's histogram and bar functions with your results.
What paper was that graph taken from? The authors may have used MATLAB and if so might be willing to share their code with you. Did they already publish it as part of their SOM?


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