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Simbiology: using a dummy species to fit data to a sum of real species with sbiofit

Asked by Hussein Abdallah on 27 Oct 2018
Latest activity Answered by Arthur Goldsipe on 29 Oct 2018
Let's say I have a model with two species:
and now I am trying to fit a trace 'DATA' to the sum of these two species using sbiofit. I thought I could simply do this in two steps:
1) add a dummy species to track the sum
addrule(model,'sDummy = compartment1.s1 + compartment1.s2')
2) and then in my sbiofit, do a responseMap as follows to map the sum to my data:
responseMap = {'sDummy = DATA'};
However, I can't even get past step 1. Every time I add my sDummy species to the model and add that rule, it simply zeros out species1 and species2, it's very bizarre.
My questions are:
  • Does adding a dummy species work the way I have described above, or is my conception of using addrule to do that wrong to begin with?
  • is there a better way altogether to fit my data to a sum of species?


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1 Answer

Answer by Arthur Goldsipe on 29 Oct 2018
 Accepted Answer

I think your idea is reasonable. I believe the problem is with the rule you added. As written, addrule adds an initial assignment rule to the model, which is only evaluated at time=0. If you want the rule to be in effect at all times, then you need to create a repeated assignment rule. You can do that by changing the line of code to the following:
addrule(model,'sDummy = compartment1.s1 + compartment1.s2', 'repeatedAssignment');
If that doesn't solve the problem, let us know here.


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