How to use matlab to draw cubes?

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changcheng qiu
changcheng qiu on 17 Oct 2018
Answered: fyp matlab on 16 May 2021
I have some 3D coordinate datas,like this:[(1,1,1);(1,2,3)...],Now I want to use matlab to display these data in the form of cubes as shown below.The data such as (1,1,1) are the centre of the cube.Can you give me some advice? thanks!

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 17 Oct 2018
Edited: Matt J on 17 Oct 2018
Use the patch command to draw the faces of the cubes.

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alejandro perez
alejandro perez on 2 Feb 2020
In the description of this video is the code of a cube which rotates, moves and grows up.

fyp matlab
fyp matlab on 16 May 2021
plotcube command isn't working

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