How to shared model configuration and control main model code interface

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Hello, I have a model using referenced models and I want to generate code. I have the possibility to create a shared configuration for my models so I can "arrange" 1 configuration for all models. When I have to change some configurations it is easyier to work with. But, with the shared configuration, the code interface (argument of step function) are not available in the configuration and the step function has no argument anymore. Do you know a solution to manage the code interface with shared configuration? What is the best practice for using shared configuration with code generation?

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Yohann GOYER
Yohann GOYER on 20 Dec 2018
This bug is fix in 2018b version.
With the latest version of matlab, we can share model configuration with referenced model and generate code.
The function interface is no outside the configuration.
So as it is independant of the model configuration it is possible to share it.
To find the function interface configuration you shall now search a bite as it is well hiden.
This can be access throught: Configure Model in Code Peerspective -> Code Mappings -C -> Entry-Point Functions.
Then in function name column use the 3 dots (verticals) to open the function interface panel that is quite the same as before.

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