Can client use the node located in different countries?

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Usually MDCS are configured using node PC in local network.
Apart from Amazon Cloud, I was just wondering if the computers from different countries/cities could be configured into a MJS cluster?
For example, one computer was selected as client in a laboratory from country A, several other computers from laboratories at country B,C..., and/or from other cities in country A were all used as nodes for worker. If this could be possible, it will facilitate the processing of data that generated in different labs far apart in the world.

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Stephen on 12 Sep 2018
The challenges would be to make the remote/foreign located nodes available to the head node, and then to maintain enough throughput on the link to make this worth the trouble. If the remotely located PC/Server node has an IP address the headnode can access, then linking shouldn't be a problem. After that, the problem boils down to whether the added processors merit dealing with the connection and latency issues.
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raym on 17 Dec 2018
For setup of MDCS we know that we need input the host or IP address of these node PC. However, these IP are local IP, not internet IP.
To use a PC located in country B as node, how to set the IP so that computer could be connected? We know that many computer in counter B in a local network share the same non-local IP, how to specify that specific computer inside that local network? Thanks.

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