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"Unable to launch MATLAB" in java

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Donghun Kim
Donghun Kim on 31 Aug 2018
Answered: Ziyu Hua on 26 Jun 2022
I want run matlab command in java by source code:
public class Test {
public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception {
MatlabEngine matEng = MatlabEngine.startMatlab(new String[] { "-useStartupFolderPref", "-nosplash", "-nodesktop", "-wait" });
matEng.eval("a = 10;", null, null);
matEng.eval("b = 20;", null, null);
StringWriter output = new StringWriter();
matEng.eval("a + b", output, null);
After I run this code, I should login in MATLAB because of Trial version. Login work successfuly. But, Matlab command dose not work with "com.matwork.engin.EngineException:Unable to launch MATLAB." message After successful login. How i can run matlab command line?
Perhaps, Matlab Java API isn't work in Trial version? Now I'm using Matlab 2018a trial version.

Answers (2)

Zijie Li
Zijie Li on 21 Mar 2019
I have exactly same problem that you have and can't find the solution.
Have you solve the problem?

Ziyu Hua
Ziyu Hua on 26 Jun 2022
Hi Kim,
I also have the similar problem and the Java give an exception like:
"com.mathworks.engine.EngineException: Unable to launch MATLAB or connect a shared MATLAB session."
I resolve this problem By transform the Java 'System Enviroment Path' back to the default path of Matlab.
Which I did like this "Change the System Envioment Path" (I delete the MATLAB_JAVA), and solved the problems.
Which may be help.




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