Can I issue a command to see when my license expires?

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I have installed my new license for my network license for my license # *** for a distributed license. I have started it. I would like to verify that matlab is using it. I have restarted the license file. How can I tell when the license expires in matlab? Thanks.
Jan on 21 Apr 2021
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Answers (3)

Aquatris on 29 Aug 2018
If you want to check the currently used license number, try using the command;

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 31 Aug 2018
Your question relates to MATLAB Distributed Computing Server license. I am not sure who to interpret your question. Are you an IT person and being concerned the whole product is set up correctly and you speculate there is an issue with the license management? Or are you an end user, not knowing whether your computations successfully running on the server?

Lucy Upchurch
Lucy Upchurch on 31 Aug 2018
Apparently there is no way to see how many days you have left on new license installation. I received this info from matlab support. Yes, I am an IT person.
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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 31 Aug 2018
I see. So it is about the expiration date of an annual license. While the installation support rep correctly stated there is no command / option for that available, it is still possible. Let me describe the idea - you may find a MATLAB-savy student who can code this within one hour.
  • In the license file, the is an expiry date hard coded. Syntax example: INCREMENT MATLAB MLM 38 30-sep-2024
  • You can read the license file with commands like "textread" into MATLAB
  • You can parse the text using regular expressions ('regexp') to isolate the date
  • You can run the resulting command of the couple of lines of code from the idea above during startup using startup.m

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