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How can I use UDP Receive and UDP send block in raspberry Pi simultaneously?

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Hi, all. I'm using the simulink raspberry pi 3B to receive UDP data from PC:prot1, and I also want send the data to PC:port2.
My model only has a "UDP Receive" block connect to a "UDP Send" block, but It doesn't work. If I use "UDP Receive" block alone or use "UDP Send" block alone ,both block can work well, but when my model contain both "UDP Receive" and "UDP Send" block, the "UDP Receive" block recive no data always!
This confused me for several days.

Answers (2)

haiping guo
haiping guo on 13 Aug 2018
my raspberry is comucation to PC Loopback test, if the PC use the same UDP port to receive and send,then the problem happened. like this:
If the PC use different send and receive port, there is no problem! I do not know why!
And I can only use one port in my PC, can anyone help me? thanks a lot!

Adif Maulana
Adif Maulana on 7 Feb 2019
Have you find solution for your problem ?


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