Model Predictive Control (MPC)

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Ulices Santa Cruz Leal
Ulices Santa Cruz Leal on 16 Jul 2018
Answered: Arkadiy Turevskiy on 15 Aug 2018
I want to Integrate a closed-loop Lyapunov controlled system into my MPC Object in Simulink (e.g. set the initial state of the Lyapunov controlled system at the "beginning" of the MPC run and update the Lyapunov controlled system states and use them during the MPC optimization).
Question: How can I know the time at which the MPC object starts and finishes its Optimization algorithm?
*Attached an image with the Mathematical description of previous statement:
Thanks for your time!

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Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy on 15 Aug 2018
Hi there, I think you might want to look at callbacks for MPC Controller block. Right click on the block, select "Block Properties", Callback (3rd tab). Callbacks let you execute MATLAB code (for example code that would initialize your parameters as you want) when certain events happen. You probably need StartFcn and StopFcn callbacks.
HTH. Arkadiy Turevskiy MathWorks


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