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How sent data from matlab to the drive in real time?

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I want to send EEG data, that I get with B-Alert through matlab, to the matlab drive or other drive, in such a way that it's in real time for later (same, in real time) a robot has access to them. How can I do that? or it will be better through python or other assistant software?. THANKS

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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess on 1 May 2019
If you just want the data into MATLAB Drive, you can set up MATLAB Drive Connector on the machine which is receiving the EEG data and save the data into your MATLAB Drive Folder on that machine. When MATLAB Drive Connector is running, it will synchronise that data to MATLAB Drive as soon as it sees the file change. The data would then be available in MATLAB Online or MATLAB Mobile.
You could also have MATLAB Drive Connector running on another machine and also logged into your account to then sync those files down onto the other machine, if that's what you need?


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