Accelerating PDE-Solving with Parallel Computing Toolbox

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Can I accelerate 2D- or 3D FEM thermal Simulation in the PDE-Toolbox by using Parallel Computing Toolbox?
Can I accelerate meshing or solving with solvepde or parabolic by using Parallel Computing Toolbox?
Provided of course that appropriate Hardware is available.
Thank you in advance.

Accepted Answer

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 8 Jun 2018
Hello Marion,
The solvers such as solvepde or parabolic are not parallel solvers, so you won't be able to speedup using Parallel Computing Toolbox. However, you can user Parallel Computing Toolbox and do a parameter sweeps as shown in the examples at these links:
In addition, on multicore computers the linear solver (mldivide or "\n"), so you will be able to speed up the simulation on a multicore machine.

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Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation on 8 Jun 2018
If you are thinking about doing parametric studies (multiple simulation runs with different parameters or geometry/mesh variations) you can also use xargs on Linux systems to run FEM and PDE simulations in parallel even without the Parallel Toolbox.
Alternatively, you could possibly use FEniCS as FEM solver which does support parallel linear solvers such as PetSc.

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