How to shift pulses with various time ?

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Gökhan Bayraktar
Gökhan Bayraktar on 20 May 2018
I would like to know how to shift a signal in Simulink. The case is I am using PWM generator(DC-DC) and the input D is from a lookup table,a sine wave. From the PWM generator block i am taking the pulses i want(a sine PWM). However, because of having two mosfets i need second pulses signal which should be shifted like when the first pulse in the first signal finish, the first pulse of the second signal will start. I think the real issue here is this: the Duty cycle is changing for each pulse so each pulse should be shifted with different time.
In the graphs these two are the same signal. Basically i want the second graphs pulses shift as long as each one's duration.

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Gökhan Bayraktar
Gökhan Bayraktar on 5 Jun 2018
Is there no one to help me about it? I am stuck here in my project. I can not proceed. I would be grateful if someone helps me
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Gökhan Bayraktar
Gökhan Bayraktar on 5 Jun 2018
For being more clearer i am adding these pictures. I need to have a second pulse signal like the white pulses in the picture. Because of being sine PWM every pulses have different width and while shifting every pulses are needed to be shifted by their own width

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