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Getting error in the surfc plotting

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Tn = 100;
ns = 30;
alpha = 0
beta = 0
gama = 0
phi1 = linspace(-Tn,Tn,ns);
phi2 = linspace(-Tn,Tn,ns);
phi3 = linspace(-Tn,Tn,ns);
%Phase Angle Mesh-Grid
[phi_1,phi_2,phi_3] = meshgrid(phi1,phi2,phi3);
phi_12 = phi_2 - phi_1;
phi_21 = phi_1 - phi_2;
phi_13 = phi_3 - phi_1;
phi_31 = phi_1 - phi_3;
phi_23 = phi_3 - phi_2;
phi_32 = phi_2 - phi_3;
k11 = 917.3770;
k22 = 917.3770;
k33 = 917.3770;
k12 = 458.6885;
k13 = 458.6885;
k23 = 458.6885;
X = -(k12.*cos(alpha*pi*n/360).*cos(beta*pi*n/360).*sin(phi_12*pi*n/180))-(k13.*cos(alpha*pi*n/360).*cos(gama*pi*n/360).*sin(phi_13*pi*n/180))
Y = -(k12.*cos(alpha*pi*n/360).*cos(beta*pi*n/360).*sin(phi_21*pi*n/180))+(k23.*cos(beta*pi*n/360).*cos(gama*pi*n/360).*sin(phi_23*pi*n/180))
Z = -(k13.*cos(alpha*pi*n/360).*cos(gama*pi*n/360).*sin(phi_31*pi*n/180))+(k23.*cos(beta*pi*n/360).*cos(gama*pi*n/360).*sin(phi_32*pi*n/180))
surfc(phi_12,phi_13,X); colorbar;
surfc(phi_21,phi_23,Y); colorbar;
surfc(phi_31,phi_32,Z); colorbar;
Getting the following error:
Error using
Value must be a vector or 2D array of numeric type
Error in (line 8)
set(obj, pvpairs{:});
Error in
Error in surf (line 150)
hh ={:});
Error in surfc (line 53)
hs = surf(cax, args{:});
Error in (line 68)
surfc(phi_12,phi_13,X); colorbar;
can anyone please help me fixing this error?
Star Strider
Star Strider on 20 May 2018
Describe what you want to do.
Mukul on 21 May 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 21 May 2018
Just think in a very simple way: since alpha, beta and gama is zero, so the cos term is 1 and then the X Y and Z equation becomes
phi_12 = phi_2 - phi_1;
phi_21 = - phi_12;
phi_13 = phi_3 - phi_1;
phi_31 = - phi_13;
phi_23 = phi_3 - phi_2;
phi_32 = - phi_23;
Now I would like to do surfc plot of X in terms of phi_12, phi_13, Y in terms of phi_21 and phi_23 and Z in terms of phi_31 and phi_32 over the range of phi_1, phi_2 and phi_3 is -100 degree to 100 degree.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 May 2018
You need to use isosurface() instead of surfc()
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jun 2018
I don't think they should be the same. You are defining coordinates parametrically in different ways, and I see no reason why the shapes should all have the same angle when converted to one fixed set of coordinates.
I think that it is more likely that you can choose different coordinate basis that would make a different pair of the two look the same, and a third coordinate basis that make the remaining pair look the same -- each time there being one that looked different.
Using phi_12(:), phi_13(:) as a consistent arbitrary projection affects how the shapes look. Why should that pair of coordinates for the projection be any more right than, say, phi_23(:), phi_13(:) ?
Mukul on 22 Jun 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 22 Jun 2018
Hi Walter thank you for your comments:
If I try in other ways without using the mesh grid function, I am getting these shapes where the three shapes looks almost same
Tn = pi/2;
ns = 30;
for i=1:40
for j=1:40
phi12 = pi/4*((i-20)/20);
phi23 = pi/4*((j-20)/20);
phi31 = -phi23 - phi12;
surfc(a,b,X); colorbar;
surfc(a,-b,Y); colorbar;
surfc(-a,-b,Z); colorbar;
Do you think in the previous case, the mesh grid function causes the shapes not to be same?
Could you please comment on this?

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