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Running exe file created with C++ from Matlab not working

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AM on 16 May 2018
Answered: Josh Philipson on 7 Feb 2020
Dear all,
I have a weird problem with a .exe file I'm trying to run in a Matlab script. Executing the .exe file from either Visual Studio or the Windows command prompt works fine and the exe file creates a csv file as it is supposed to do. However, when I'm running the file from the Matlab command window via
it only gives some number as output (-1.0737e+09) and does not create the csv file. When I double click the exe file in the Folder menu in Matlab it also works as intended. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? The system('FileName.exe') command works for other dummy programmes I have created so I'm really wondering what has changed.
Your help is much appreciated :)
AM on 16 May 2018
Dear Jan, first, let me thank you for your reply. The output (-1.0737e+09) is written to the command window as some kind of result for the execution. I have double checked the current folder location, so I'm pretty sure this one is set up correctly.
One more thing I just realized is that when I run
and then enter the same command as when I open a Windows console it also does not run the exe file. It kind of seems like the console Matlab opens is different to the console Windows is using. I have checked this in both environments (Windows console and Matlab's system('cmd')); first checking that the folder location is correct via
cd C:\Users\me\Folder_Location
and then running the exe file. In the windows console this works, in the Matlab console it does not...

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Answers (4)

Rik on 16 May 2018
And if you try to cd inside the same system call?
system('cd /d C:\Users\me\Folder_Location && File_Name.exe')
The /d enables a cd to a different disk, and the && ensures the second command only runs if the first exits successfully.
AM on 2 Jun 2018
As said above, I re-released and re-build the .exe file without some links to Intel MKL. That worked for me...

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Daniel Benitez
Daniel Benitez on 14 Sep 2018
I had the same problem and tried many different things. I solved it just by installing the newest Matlab Version 2018a. With R2017b the exe-file was not working. Perhaps to reinstall the older Version would also solve the problem, since I have updated the Runtime Environment in the meanwhile.

Shilpa Nayak
Shilpa Nayak on 26 Nov 2019
This was the best answer I could find! I had exactly the same problem that's described here and switching to other MATLAB versions weren't a good option (for me). And this solved it.

Josh Philipson
Josh Philipson on 7 Feb 2020
Hi, I think I may have found something potentially helpful.
I had a very similar issue, and just resolved it. In case it's relevant, I was using Intel's Fortran compiler in a Visual Studio project to build a fortran file. The built EXE was trying to load some dll that it couldn't do from within MATLAB, but within native windows cmd window, or double-click it could do it.
The relevant bit was from the magician, "Ian H (blackbelt)", over at who posted this bit:
  • You need to change the runtime library setting for your project within Visual Studio - the default within Visual Studio is to produce an executable that requires the Fortran runtime libraries.
  • Change to a Release configuration, then rIght click on your project in the solution explorer, select Properties, then in the Configuration Properties > Fortran > Libraries page change the Runtime Library option to "Multithreaded". Rebuild your project.
  • (If you use OpenMP within your project, then you will still have a dependency on some of the OpenMP DLL's.)
I sort of backed into this when I tried to run my compiled .exe on another PC that didn't have the same build environment setup, and it barfed on me indicating "libmmdd.dll" was not found. Additionally, I tried system('cmd &') to have Matlab open up a command window..and I found that one compiled version (i.e. via G77) worked, and the one I used Visual Studio for didn't work! (i.e. emulating FORTRAN IV/66 semantics (Sheesh, don't ask!)) .
From there I guess that it couldn't load that library in the MATLAB "system" scaffolding. I am not sure.
Regardless, for me the key was changing the "Runtime Library" option to "Multithreaded", from "Multithreaded dll". As soon as I could do it, the exe was runnable.
Hope this helps someone! :)

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