How do i write the code for navierstokes equation in matlab/comsol?

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The idea is to write the code for the navierstokes equation with the laplacian velocity and pressure term
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KSSV on 10 May 2018
You want it in comsol? So this is not the forum. You want in MATLAB? What have you attempted?

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Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation on 10 May 2018
The incompressible Navier-Stokes equations is also available as a built-in pre-defined Navier-Stokes physics mode in the FEATool FEM Matlab toolbox. In this case the equations are in 2D defined as
rho_ns*u' - miu_ns*(2*ux_x + uy_y + vx_y) + rho_ns*(u*ux_t + v*uy_t) + p_x = Fx_ns
rho_ns*v' - miu_ns*(vx_x + uy_x + 2*vy_y) + rho_ns*(u*vx_t + v*vy_t) + p_y = Fy_ns
ux_t + vy_t = 0
the Navier-Stokes equations in axisymmetry (2D cylindrical coordinates) and 3D are defined similarly.

Bartholomew Osegbe
Bartholomew Osegbe on 10 May 2018
I have attempted the weak method fem.equ.weak = { ... { ... {'(-eta*ux)*test(ux)+(-eta*uy)*test(uy)-test(u)*px'} ... {'(-eta*vx)*test(vx)+(-eta*vy)*test(vy)-test(v)*py'} ... {'-test(px)*u-test(py)*v'} ... } ... }; but I have errors and when I sourced online I found a code that uses the poisson equation but just wanted a simple code with a laplacian velocity and pressure term.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 10 May 2018

Bartholomew Osegbe
Bartholomew Osegbe on 13 May 2018
Thank you all for your answers, I do appreciate it.


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